Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Setting Up SUN GPRS and MMS

Welcome to the SUN GPRS tutorial page. The following informations will help you in setting up your handset for Sun Cellular GPRS and MMS for your wap browsing, push mails or free facebook surfing.
For Sun Prepaid and SUN Postpaid users:
Option 1:  On your handset key in Activate then send it to 2300.
Note: The configuration settings will be sent to your phone. You will need to select “Save All” to save the settings in the phone. Some MMS and GPRS handsets already have pre-loaded phone settings.
Activation of SUN MMS and GPRS will require a confirmation message from SUN. A message will be sent to you once the feature has been activated.
Option 2: To configure your handset text SUN GPRS <handset model> then send it to 1200
Option 3: Manually configure your handset.
Note: Contact me or drop a comment for configurations of handset, i will be needing your handset model.
Option 4:  If unable to activate your SUN GPRS kindly call hotline numbers 200 for sun mobile phone users and 3958000 from any landline for more informations.
Option 5: For Sun Postpaid users ONLY, drop by at any nearest sunshop and request for system activation of GPRS.
Note: Only Account holders can modify their accounts, if postpaid line not under your name bring authorization letter and ID of account holder.
Have you already activated your GPRS? Try Sun Cellulars Free Facebook NOW or try setting up your phones Push Mail Feature.
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